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Category: Mental Health

Why Am I Not Happy?

Happiness for many is not an easy choice and for some, not even a believable possibility. In today’s fast paced society, 1 in 10 adults attempt suicide and 1 in 5 people suffer from one form or another of mental health. The effects of human suffering found in loneliness, sadness,…

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Post Infidelity Stress Disorder (PISD): A Trauma Reaction to the Betrayal of an Affair

According to Ortman (2005), 60% of partners who were sexually betrayed experienced signs and symptoms of PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress). Generally PTSD is attributed to a threat or fear response to a traumatic event. These can include experiencing, witnessing or hearing about the event. Although PISD (Post Infidelity Stress Disorder) is…

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Activate Your Body to Activate Your Wellness

Being active has never been viewed as a chore for me. Many people struggle with all aspects of physical activity such as getting started, keeping it going, and being consistent. Please make changes in your lifestyle based on three factors: How ‘important’ is this change for me? How ‘motivated’ am…

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How’s Your ‘Gut Health’?

I recently watched a movie on Netflix called “What the Health.” I would highly recommend everyone to watch this movie. As the old saying goes “You are what you eat” and this is so true. As a male in my 50’s, I have become more mindful and aware of my…

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New Years “Simple Commitments” Rather Than “Resolutions”

What an opportunity to start 2018 in a different way, a new way, even a fun way. Rather than making New Year’s resolutions, which inevitably fall short for the majority, focus on small daily change. What change are you willing to create in you that are realistic and attainable. There…

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