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Category: Life Coaching

How’s Your ‘Gut Health’?

I recently watched a movie on Netflix called “What the Health.” I would highly recommend everyone to watch this movie. As the old saying goes “You are what you eat” and this is so true. As a male in my 50’s, I have become more mindful and aware of my…

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New Years “Simple Commitments” Rather Than “Resolutions”

What an opportunity to start 2018 in a different way, a new way, even a fun way. Rather than making New Year’s resolutions, which inevitably fall short for the majority, focus on small daily change. What change are you willing to create in you that are realistic and attainable. There…

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How to Manage Your Emotions

Emotions are feelings. All humans have them but don’t necessarily understand them right off the bat. Emotions can be coped with in various ways, good or bad. Some may find themselves handling their emotions through distractions such as video games, shopping, eating – the list goes on! In some cases,…

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Stopping The Toxic Disease to Please

How Do I Stop Wanting to Please Everyone? People pleasing is a disease. It robs you of your voice, your choice, your individualism, and, frankly, your existence as an individual. Living a life of people pleasing means losing your life.

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Lapse, Relapse, & Prolapse: The Value of Natural Learning for Self-Change

Changing unwanted behaviors is hard and even challenging for many. Think about the number of times you’ve said, I’m going to lose weight, quit smoking, start exercising, or quit drinking and the list goes on and on. Think of all the New Year resolutions that have been made, but failed…

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