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Category: Family

How To Handle An Out-Of-Control Teen

Is your teenaged child angry, explosive and defiant? Parents often time find themselves ‘walking on eggshells’ at home, not knowing how to engage their aggressive teen. They fear that they could explode at any point. This creates an environment where parents often find themselves fearful, scared and intimidated. Parents begin…

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Living, Packing, and Constant Moving: How To Support Two-Family Children

 A Child’s Struggle to Manage Transitioning Between Two Homes Because of Divorce Today, many children live out of a suitcase – packing and then unpacking their lives every week. When parents divorce, a child’s world is significantly different. For many children, they describe the challenges of transitioning between two homes.…

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Growing Up With Anxious Parents

How Anxiety In Parents Can Affect Children Many of my clients describe the impact of being raised in an anxious home –  where one or both parents were highly anxious. These parents might have suffered from the effects of either generalized anxiety, social anxiety, agoraphobia, panic disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), or…

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How to Support Children within Blended Families

According to Stats Canada, 4 in 10 first time marriages will end in divorce. Approximately 40% of families end up in transitions leading to significant changes for parents and children. Blended families are now the new reality in our Canadian society. At the heart of the “blended” family are the…

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