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Advanced Trauma Certificate in Clinical Practice for Front Line Workers

Trauma Level 2 Training (5 days)

The Level 2 Advanced Trauma training will provide theoretical and applied steps to working with clients who have been implicated by trauma. This training will cover the clinical steps including intake, screening assessing, ground strategies and tool kits, case conceptulalisation formulation, and the application of CBT for flashback management reprocessing.
Participants will learn to:

  • identify and understand the theoretical framework of evidence based and best practice approaches for individuals who have been traumatized. This will include assessing & screening, developing a grounding toolbox, integration of grounding strategies, flashback management, and reprocessing using CBT. To support the theoretical component, a significant component of this training will be roll playing in dyads, where each of these new skills can be practiced, supporting the integration of new concepts learned.
  • integrate their learning by creating a case conceptualization/formulation on an unidentified client they have worked with in the past, which they are familiar with. This will allow participants to learn how to treatment plan and develop strategies/ interventions for clients with PTSD to complex trauma.
  • gain knowledge and insight to counter-transferences, which can be triggered working with these vulnerable population. Roll playing will be used to help develop skills and strategies to manage counter-transferences. Learning to manage anxiousness working with this population, impulse, and other counter-transferences will be key aspects of the roll play.
  • gain knowledge on the neurological and physiological effects of trauma trauma on the brain and body along with the impacts trauma has on emotions and emotional dysregulation.

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