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Monthly Archives: March 2018

Understanding Your Relationship Attachment Style: What Kind of Partner are You?

Attachment styles are developed early in life, and for many, solidified by 3 years of age. Your style is dependent on how you connect firstly to yourself (and the degree of anxiety this can create) and to others within the world around you (and the degree to which this will…

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Attachment Styles & Who to Pick as a Partner

Selecting your future soulmate is all about having a partner that supports safety, nurturing, and fun with you. Having a partner that is mature, an effective communicator, and demonstrates emotional intelligence matters to the outcome of your relationship long term. In reflecting on areas to consider when looking for a…

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Living a Life of Fear, Insecurity, and Anxiety

Where does jealousy, insecurity, and relational fear come from within us? What causes many to never feel safe in a relationship with the ones they love the most? Why do some need ongoing relational reassurances of commitment, to the point where the unheard partners feel defeated, frustrated and alone? This…

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